September 16, 2022
WhatsApp crash code messages

WhatsApp Users being Targeted by Dangerous Crash Code Messages

WhatsApp users are being victimized by a spate of messages containing dangerous crash codes that can wipe out entire chat histories…

There’s a new series of text bombs or crash codes that cause WhatsApp to continually shut down. What’s worse, it’s affecting both Android and iOS mobile devices. These are sent through messages that contain what looks like random strings of strange characters. Once received, it targets the WhatsApp program, resulting in looping crashes that occur over and over again.

Dangerous WhatsApp Crash Code Messages Targeting Android and iOS Mobile Devices

The dangerous codes aren’t just found exclusively on WhatsApp, though. They are also appearing on online forums, as well. Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at ProPrivacy, explains the problem is so big because of WhatsApp user base size, which currently totals approximately 2 billion people worldwide. That makes it far more difficult to contain. Anyone affected can uninstall the application but that will result in wiping out their chat history.

Fortunately, there are a few steps WhatsApp users can take. First is to limit group additions so strangers can’t share the messages. Also, anyone who gets a crash code message can log onto the WhatsApp web client. Locate the message and block the sender, then delete the message. A spokesperson for Facebook, WhatsApp’s parent company tellsĀ TechRadar:

WhatsApp has released and already begun rolling out a patch that addresses this in its latest iOS software update. As with any tech product, we strongly encourage users to keep their WhatsApp app and mobile operating system up to date and download updates whenever they’re available.”

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