August 4, 2022
Dark Sky Android Alternatives after Apple Shut Down

Apple Shut Down Dark Sky for Android but There are other Hyper-Local Weather Choices

Dark Sky for Android and Wear Os is gone, following its acquisition by Apple but that doesn’t mean the end of hyper-local weather apps…

Back in March, Apple purchased Dark Sky in a surprising move. Shortly thereafter, the iconic hardware company announced it would scuttle the hyper-local weather app on Android and on Wear OS. Now, it’s undergoing a gradual deprecation for non-Apple devices and clients. Although, the website is still enjoying a reprieve. However, this won’t last forever.

Dark Sky Android Alternatives to Use after Apple Shut Down

Apple originally planned to sunset the app on July 1st. But, the company gave it a month-long extension as service was scheduled to end. Any $3 annual subscribers should already have been automatically cancelled. Plus, the developers behind it have promised a “full refund” to paying members.

What’s more, any third-party apps using Dark Sky’s data have until the end of next year, 2021, to transition away from it and to other services. The good news is, this doesn’t mark the end of hyper-local weather for Android. For instance, there’s still Accuweather, Weatherbug, and a few others that deliver hyper-local weather.

Still, anyone determined to stick with Dark Sky can do so by switching over to Apple for their rain, snow, and other weather alerts.

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