January 27, 2022
Data Examination Reveals Nearly 90 Percent of YouTube Videos Never Reach 1000 Views

Nearly 90 Percent of YouTube Videos won’t Ever Hit 1,000 Views, Data Analysis Shows

The vast majority of videos uploaded to YouTube will not ever reach 1,000 views, new research into the numbers show…

YouTube might well be the biggest video hosting site on the internet. In fact, the platform handles more than 5 billion video views on any given day is not necessarily the best place to find exposure. Because it’s so very large, there’s a very small chance of even amassing a relatively tiny milestone of 1,000 views. This, as data examined by Pex, reveals just how difficult it is to cut through the competition and sheer size of the site. 

Data Examination Reveals Nearly 90 Percent of YouTube Videos Never Reach 1,000 Views

Every minute, over five hundred hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. That equates to approximately 30,000 hours of newly uploaded content per hour. With such massive activity, it is little wonder why only a fraction of creators and channels really enjoy substantial viewership. Pex writes in their analysis of YouTube’s 2019 numbers: 

“While YouTube is still the de facto content platform for widespread visibility, clearing the hurdle from obscurity to fame is no easy feat. The overwhelming majority of YouTube videos (88.4%) still generate fewer than 1,000 views.”

Complicating the figures is another statistic that’s a real head scratcher — just a mere 0.77 percent of all content reaches or exceeds 100,000 views. But, these actually account for 82.83 percent of total views.

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