November 4, 2022
deceased Facebook users

Deceased Facebook Users might Outnumber Living Ones by 2069, Researchers Estimate

Deceased Facebook users could overtake the number of living on the platform within the next half-century, researchers calculate…

Here’s something which really puts the sheer number of Facebook users into context. According to research by academics at the University of Oxford, it’s entirely possible the number of dead Facebook users could be greater than the living by 2069.

Deceased Facebook Users might Outnumber Living Ones by 2069

Today, there are more than 2.38 billion Facebook users on the social network. While that’s an impressive figure, it serves as a stark reminder of how many people on the planet aren’t on the platform.

Enter into the equation the fact not all of Facebook accounts represent living individuals. In fact, just eight years after its launch in 2012, 30 million users had died.

Going by the previous rate, researchers predict the number of deceased Facebook users could hit between 1.4 billion and 4.9 billion within half a century.

Facebook is aware of this. It even has a section for memorialized accounts. Since 2015, Facebook has allowed a family member or friend to maintain an account of a loved one who passed away. Recently, the social network announced it’s making a few changes to those legacy profiles.

The new Facebook Tributes Tab for memorialized accounts can now moderate limiting who can view posts and pictures. It also allows the guardian to delete content, modify tag settings and even remove tags.

Facebook also is working on an AI system which will prevent profiles of the dead from popping up “in painful ways.”

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