May 24, 2022
Deprecated Google Plus Links Break Google Phone App Functionality

The Ghost of the Google+ Bust Lives on in Another Very Popular Google App and It’s Causing Problems

Google Plus shut down about a year ago, but there are still remnants of the failed social network remaining in the Google Phone app…

Google Plus‘ bust started very early on in the existence of the now defunct social network. Not long after its launch in June of 2011, there were real concerns (at least among the public) about its long-term viability. Google managed to hold on for nearly eight years until two consecutive data leaks forced the search giant to shutter the service entirely in March of 2019. However, there are still traces of it. Ironically, these live on in another very popular Google app.

Deprecated Google Plus Links Break Google Phone App Functionality

Google might have pulled the plug on Google+ about a year ago, but fragments of it are still present in the Google Phone app. This is because Google Phone’s Nearby Places feature allows consumers to search for businesses around them. Then, either contact one or more of those businesses via a phone number or get more information online. But, these rely on deprecated Google+ links, which obviously don’t work.

Fortunately for consumers, this isn’t the case for regular Google Search. Instead, Google Search links directly to their commercial websites. What’s odd is the fact Google hasn’t fixed the problem.

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