September 11, 2021
Firefox desktop notification blocker

Firefox’s Desktop Browser will Block Hide Notification Pop Ups next Year, with Android to Possibly Follow Later

A Firefox desktop notification blocker will make its way out into the marketplace in 2020, with a similar tool possibly coming to Android sometime later…

Firefox is well-known as a browser that prides itself on protecting users’ privacy. The Mozilla browser also has some other neat tools. For instance, a speedier version for a better internet experience on Android. Also, it debuted a web-tracking blocker back in June. Now, the browser will contain a notification blocker.

Desktop Firefox Notification Blocker Debuting in 2020, with Android Possibly coming Thereafter

Mozilla first introduced this feature back in April of this year, built into its Firefox Nightly browser.

Since that time, the company has collected enough data to learn it’s effectively blocking nearly 99 percent of notification pop-ups. So, the company will integrate it into the stable channels, beginning with version 72 that’s expected to go out in January 2020.

The same tool might also come to Android because a lot has happened since the release of version 68, with no real major updates going out thereafter.

Mozilla writes on its official blog:

“In April we announced our intent to reduce the amount of annoying permission prompts for receiving desktop notifications that our users are seeing on a daily basis. To that effect, we ran a series of studies and experiments around restricting these prompts.

Based on these studies, we will require user interaction on all notification permission prompts, starting in Firefox 72. That is, before a site can ask for notification permission, the user will have to perform a tap, click, or press a key.”

Credit: Mozilla

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