August 5, 2022
Google Image Search

Google is Testing a New Image Search Interface that Looks like Its Mobile Experience

Google Image Search for the web is testing a new UI which looks more like the mobile version in an effort to provide a similar experience…

Back in March, Google started pulling image captions from the title tags on mobile. Now, it’s doing much the same for the web on desktop searches. The move brings the two somewhat disparate experiences more in-line with one another.

Desktop Google Image Search Tests Mobile-Like Interface

The test brings more white space to the layout, along with titles and URLs displaying beneath images. Here’s a screenshot from the support forum which shows what it looks like:

Credit: Google

With the change, desktop will look much more like it does on mobile. Presently, the Google Image search for the web doesn’t include titles or URLs. Instead, users must hover over images to reveal those details and more. Here’s what it looks like now on desktop:

Google Image Search desktop screenshot
Credit: Google

Neither version is completely aligned and clean. But, it does help to give people the most pertinent information in the search results. It does make sense Google would eventually bring the two experiences together, making them the same.

Recently, Google quietly announced it would kill off the “Save to Google” Chrome extension. Currently, the company is conducting a “Price Insights” test for hotel search results.

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