April 29, 2021
Desktop Instagram Direct Messaging Rolls Out

Instagram Makes Direct Messages Available on the Web and Here’s How to Use Them

Facebook photo and video sharing subsidiary Instagram has added direct messaging to its web interface and here’s where to find the tool…

Late last week, Instagram finally integrated its direct messaging platform into its desktop experience. Now, it’s possible for users to find their conversations right inside any browser, just by logging into their accounts.

Desktop Instagram Direct Messaging Rolls Out

The new desktop Instagram direct messaging feature isn’t exactly new. The company has been testing the option for several months now. Instagram first made the DM portal available to a small group back in January, with the promise to make it more broadly accessible to others sometime in the future.

The only trick is where to find the new desktop Instagram direct messaging section. It’s cleverly tucked into the main navigation bar, located at the top right of the browser (the arrow/paper airplane icon). Fortunately, there’s also a link to follow to go straight to an inbox.

Although it’s a welcome addition, Instagram remains almost exclusively a mobile service. However, this does provide ample real estate as an alternative.

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