July 23, 2021
Twitter desktop night mode enabled

Desktop Twitter Night Mode Rolling Out to All Users

The new desktop Twitter night mode is currently rolling out to all users over the coming weeks, a company spokesperson confirms…

Nearly a month ago, Twitter announced its new dark theme for desktops and laptops. Now, it’s becoming more widely available. Last year, Twitter introduced a dark theme or night mode to its iOS and Android mobile apps. Now, it’s bringing the option to desktop. It’s no secret that nighttime or low light viewing is harsh on the eyes and adjusting the display does not always provide the best experience.

Previously Announced Desktop Twitter Night Mode Now Available to All Users

In a tweet from the support team, the company announced night mode now works on Twitter.com:

Enabling the Twitter desktop night mode is simple. Just go to the microblog on a desktop or laptop machine and click on the profile bubble at the top right of the screen. Scroll down the vertical menu and select “Night mode.” (To exit night mode, simply do the reverse.)

Twitter night mode

The dark theme first appeared on the Twitter mobile apps last year. It’s now on desktop for easier nighttime viewing. However, not all users will see the option right away. It’s being introduced over the next few weeks.