November 25, 2021
Developer Kosta Eleftheriou Claims Apple's App Store is Littered with Malicious Apps

Hit Developer Says the Apple App Store Remains Littered with Malicious Applications

An expert developer behind several popular mobile applications claims there’s a sizable number of malware-ridden apps on the Apple Store…

A prolific iOS application developer who has created several hits is warning the public that the Apple App Store is rife with malicious programs. Kosta Eleftheriou has been highlighting a number of suspicious mobile apps on his Twitter account that still appear on the digital portal. What’s worse, the fraudulent applications have a considerable number of downloads and even more concerning, are raking in millions for criminals all over the world.

Developer Kosta Eleftheriou Claims Apple’s App Store is Littered with Malicious Apps

Eleftheriou says one apparent commonality is these scam programs are using fake reviews and bogus ratings to boost their status on the App Store to lure in more victims. Eleftheriou also contends that Apple isn’t doing enough to police this criminal activity. The developer points out one particular instance, an app called KeyWatch, which Eleftheriou claims is a rip off of his own FlickType Apple Watch keyboard typing tool.

KeyWatch first hit the App Store as a shell, with no functionality. But once FlickType gained popularity, the cyber-criminals took the opportunity to advertise their own service using video of his original app masquerading as their work. Unsuspecting consumers who downloaded the fraud were eventually directed to an Apple purchase page, where victims were told they could download the full service for $8 a week.

Apple has since removed KeyWatch, along with some other bad actors but many more remain on the store and a threat to consumers.

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