October 1, 2022
digg reader shutting down

Digg Reader Shutting Down March 26th

Digg Reader will down near the end of this month, the company announced today, but there are still other free RSS reader alternatives…

Digg Reader will shutter its service come March 26th. It proved a great replacement for Google Reader, which closed in July 2013.

Digg Reader Shutting Down on March 26th

For those who use Digg Reader, there’s still time to export feed lists and that’s precisely what the company suggests:

“Digg Reader is shutting down on March 26, 2018. Bummer, we know. We’d like to thank you for using Digg Reader for the past four years, and we’d also like you to have your feeds and keep reading them where you want. Thankfully, this is pretty easy.

If you haven’t already exported your Feeds in an OPML xml file, just go to digg.com/settings and Scroll down to Export and Download your subscriptions. Select where you want to save and you’ll be able to Import it to another reader service. This is your data, and we want to make sure you have it.”

With the Digg Reader shutdown looming, there’s a new need for an alternative source.

Free Digg Reader Alternatives

Since Digg Reader was free-of-charge, users might not want to opt into a paid service. So, here are three free Digg Reader alternatives:

Feedly is a great RSS wrangler. It’s ideal for discovering, sharing, and even archiving content. Plus, it’s relatively easy to use and it’s accessible through both desktop and mobile. Add up to 100 feeds at no charge. But, premium goes for $5.41 per month.



Feeder is a Spartan reader and it does display ads, unless upgraded to $5 per month. However, it doesn’t have a limit for the free version and does offer some nifty themes. It too, is an acceptable, free Digg Reader alternative.


Inoreader also doesn’t have a subscription limit — making it yet another free Digg Reader alternative. It’s a wonderful interface with numerous layouts to choose. Although it is an ad-supported service, a premium subscription runs just $1.25 per month or $15 per year.