June 18, 2021
Dinggo video streaming services companion app

This New and Clever Video Streaming Service Companion App makes Finding Movies and Shows a Cinch by Simply Swiping

The new Dinggo video streaming services companion app is an ideal tool to help people find content faster, just by swiping…

Streaming video services are spectacular, to say the least. It’s a way around appointment television, once the ruler of the home entertainment world. Now, with just an internet connection, device, and subscription, thousands of titles are ready to play, on-demand.

Dinggo Video Streaming Services Companion App

Video streaming subscription services definitely have a whole lot to offer. No matter the genre, it’s all within a few actions. Well, maybe not a few actions, more like ten. Or a dozen. Okay, a score of actions or scores.

And, this is the problem inherent with such very much content. It’s too much and it sends would-be viewers down the wormhole of seemingly endless choices.

With all its convenience, it brings with it a real conundrum. That is, until now. Enter Dinggo, a new and free mobile app which promises to help find content quicker. Okay, so there are already tons of apps which purport to do the same but this one takes a different approach altogether.

Dinggo promises to hone in on titles right for the mood of the moment by swiping. It presents title cards, one at a time. If it’s appealing, swipe right. If it’s not appealing, swipe left. That’s it.

Try it out for Android or iOS.

Here’s a short explainer video:

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