October 20, 2021
Discord reveals it has banned over 5 million accounts for spam and exploitative content

Discord Reveals it’s Banned Over 5 Million Accounts for Spam and Exploitative Content

Discord states that it has removed more than five million accounts for spam and exploitative content, in its second transparency report…

Video gaming freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform Discord is out with its second Transparency Report. In it, the company reveals that it has taken down over 5 million accounts over spam and exploitative content.

Discord Bans 5.2 Million Spam and Exploitative Accounts, according to its Transparency Report

Discord says that of the 5.2 million account deletions, the majority were related to spamming and content that included nonconsensual pornography or revenge-porn, along with sexual content involving or related to minors.

However, a smaller but significant portion of account bans were due to things like harassment. In these cases, the company simply teaches users how to block offenders without having to take any further action.

Even though 5.2 million seems like a big number, it pales in comparison to Facebook. For instance, the world’s largest social network revealed last year that it had removed an astounding 54 million piece of violent and/or graphic content, more than 10 million hate speech posts, 5.7 million for harassing or bullying, as well as 18.5 million pieces of exploitative content.

Of course, Facebook commands well over 2 billion users, compared to Discord, which has a fraction, approximately a quarter million or about 250,000 users total.

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