January 13, 2022
Discord Go Live

Discord Introduces its Own Livestreaming Service, called ‘Go Live’

Discord has unveiled its own livestreaming tool, targeted at gamers, called ‘Go Live,’ which allows users to join into the fun…

Discord has announced it will soon launch its own internal livestreaming portal, called “Go Live.” Basically, it’s a tiny video stream where viewers can comment on the broadcasters gameplay.

Discord ‘Go Live’ Livestreaming Service Announced

The new Discord Go Live livestream tool accommodates up to ten people in a chat. Once a person goes live, his or her gameplay is broadcast to everyone else who is in the same voice chat channel.

Discord states Go Live is a low-latency stream, with good broadcasting quality. Plus, premium subscribers have more stream resolution options. For instance, Nitro Classic members can stream up to 1080p. Meanwhile, Nitro customers can stream up to 4k and 60fps.

Discord says Go Live will roll out in the next week.