September 21, 2022
Discovery Plus Streaming Service goes Live on January 4th 2021 for $5 per Month

Discovery is Launching its Own Subscription Streaming Service in the US in January

Discovery Plus will roll out in the United States come January 4th, with current international availability expanding later in 2021…

Just last month, Discovery Communications released its own streaming service, Discovery+ in the United Kingdom. Now, it’s set to go live in early January in the United States and expand its global access to twenty-five more countries, including Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Brazil and “parts of Asia.” The network starts at only $5 per month, but that doesn’t free the experience of ads. (To avoid interruptions, it will cost $7 per month.)

Discovery Plus Streaming Service goes Live on January 4th 2021 for $5 per Month

When Discovery+ arrives in the US, Verizon will run a promotion, offering a free year of the streaming service to new and current wireless subscribers. The service will rely heavily on Discovery’s TV catalog. That includes channels such as TLC, Food Network and Animal Planet as well as content from A&E, History Channel, and Lifetime. Plus, there will be a “first look” at the new Magnolia Network, which is set to feature Chip and Joanna Gaines.

Of course, with several streaming platforms already out there, whether or not Discovery+ thrives or dies remains to be seen. After all, enough streaming services exist to pick the average consumer’s wallet nearly clean. So, it will need to bring real value to viewers in order to succeed.

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