January 17, 2022
Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says there a No Plans for a Cheaper Ad-Supported Version of Disney Plus

Disney Boss Won’t Completely Rule Out the Possibility of Ads Coming to Disney+

Disney currently doesn’t have any intentions to further monetize Disney Plus with an ad-supported version, but that could change, CEO says…

Disney CEO Bob Chapek recently spoke during a Q&A session with Credit Suisse. Among the many topics brought up was the possibility of Disney offering a new tier of Disney+ that would be less expensive, but run commercials. The company already has such a model with Hulu, another digital streaming service Disney owns, which is partially monthly subscription but also ad-supported.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says there a No Plans for a Cheaper, Ad-Supported Version of Disney Plus

Disney’s Chapek answered with a degree of corporate diplomacy, the kind of legal-eagle, cover-all-bases answer one might fully expect from someone running a multi-billion dollar enterprise. The conglomerate boss stated the company does not have anything tentative in that regard, but definitely left open the possibility ads might some day arrive:

“…we won’t limit ourselves and say no to anything, but right now we have no such plans for that. We’re always reevaluating how we go-to-market across the world, but […] we’re happy with the models that we’ve got.”

Of course, this doesn’t mean Disney will ultimately intertwine advertising into its flagship streaming service. After all, its arch rival Netflix has stated time and again it will not run ads. Moreover, Disney+ currently provides a very sizable portion of the corporation’s revenue. Chapek explained:

“…40% of our sales this year were actually in streaming and digital. which I think speaks to the nature of how this business is rapidly changing, and obviously we’re well positioned to do that as the business continues to evolve.”

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