January 19, 2022
Disney Plus Adds Log Out of All Devices and Data Saver Mode

Disney Just Added These Two Much-Needed Features to Disney+

Disney just improved its Disney Plus streaming platform in two key ways, which were conspicuously absent since its launch last November…

Disney first rolled out its Disney+ streaming service last November. And, it quickly shattered all expectations, amassing 10 million subscriptions in only 24 hours time. But, the launch didn’t go off without a hitch. Many people were either unable to stream titles or couldn’t even login to their accounts. That too, was corrected fast but, the app still lacked two very important features.

Disney Plus Adds Log Out of All Devices and Data Saver Mode

Another problem that first existed (and still by-and-large) does remain, is the absence of a common security option. That being, the ability to log out of all devices — something that Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify all contain. It’s now available on Disney+ in the account settings. So, if a subscriber forgets to log out of one device, it’s easy to sign out from all active devices from another.

The other new feature is another one that’s found basically in the majority of the most popular streaming and entertainment apps — a data saver mode. Currently, it’s only available in the iOS version on build 1.5.1, but it’s there, nonetheless. On the most conservative setting, it will save up to 75 percent.

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