July 4, 2022
Disney Plus adds resume and restart buttons

Disney+ just Received Two Basic Features which were Strangely Absent at Launch

Disney has just introduced two basics features to Disney Plus, with an app update, which should have been present all along…

Disney+ got off to a successful, although somewhat rough start when it launched on November 12th. The streaming service racked-up over 10 million subscribers in only 24 hours, after industry experts predicted 10 to 18 million customers would sign up in the first year. Even though it experienced a few technical issues, Disney Plus subscribers streamed over 2 million hours of the original series, The Mandalorian in a single day.

However, there’s a couple of features the video streaming service lacked and now, they’ve been added to the interface.

Disney Plus Adds Resume and Restart Buttons with App Update

Disney+ released an update to its app and some people are already seeing new Resume and Restart buttons show up.

While it’s these provide very basic functions, they weren’t part of the original experience for some reason. Now, some subscribers are beginning to see the options on their end.

The changes are only starting to roll out, which will take some time for everyone to see them across all platforms.

Credit: WDWNT / BGR.com

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