July 3, 2022
Disney Plus app exceeds 22 million downloads

Disney+ is Already on More than 22 Million Mobile Devices and Boasts 9.5 Million Daily Users

Disney Plus surprised analysts by gaining more than 10 million subscribers on launch day, and now, its app has been downloaded over 22 million times…

Disney+ came out of the gate on launch day, amassing more than 10 million subscriptions in less than 24 hours. (Industry experts estimated it would take an entire year to reach 10 to 18 million subscribers during its first twelve months of service.) It also recorded some 2 million streaming hours of its original series The Madalorian and claimed 3.2 initial app downloads in the same period.

Disney Plus App Reportedly Reaches over 22 Million Mobile Installations

Since launch day, estimates have put the number of new subscriptions at about 1 million per day. With a November 12th launch, quick math reveals its total subscriber base to be approximately 32+ million.

However, at least some of these figures are mere guesstimates, with the only official one being the initial 10 million new accounts on it debut, confirmed by a press release. Although, we now have a couple more numbers to indicate the early success of the new streaming service.

Disney+ is now on 22 million mobile devices, according to Apptopia. What’s more, approximately 9.5 million people use the Disney Plus app daily. Those figures are quite impressive, given the streaming platform is only about four weeks old. And, we’ll have much more concrete numbers once the company releases its fourth quarter earnings report.

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