July 4, 2022
Disney Plus free live preview

People can Watch Disney+ Right Now, for Free, but there’s a Big Catch

Disney has released its upcoming streaming service Disney+, nearly three months early, and its free of charge, there’s just one catch…

Disney is scheduled to release its own streaming service on November 12th. But, the company has made it free in a live preview for public testing. The only problem is, the Disney+ free live preview is only available in the Netherlands.

Disney+ Free Live Preview Debuts in the Netherlands

Disney+ is now free to watch on all platforms, including Android, iOS, and the web. One account can support as many as seven individual profiles. (Of course, there’s a Kids status, containing parental controls.)

What’s more, each account can handle up to four simultaneous streams of as high as 4K video quality.

However, not every title will stream in the highest resolution. Some shows are available in 4K Ultra HD and HDR. But, it’s not currently possible to search exclusively for 4K content at this time.

Also, it’s not the full library. The test catalog is limited, although a significant amount of Marvel and Star Wars is part of the trial.

Various people have already tested different aspects and scenarios of the service, reporting it’s virtually bug-free and good quality.

Earlier news reports revealed Disney is doing everything it can to deliver the best experience. So, it should perform well upon scheduled release.

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