November 2, 2022
Disney Plus removing titles

Disney+ is Already Removing these Popular Titles Less than Two Months after its Debut and some Subscribers are Furious

Disney Plus is removing titles from its catalog, even though it’s less than two months old, and some paying customers are outraged…

Disney+ launched on November 12th of last year. It amassed more than 10 million subscriptions in less than 24 hours. (Industry experts estimated it would take an entire year to reach 10 to 18 million subscribers during its first twelve months of service.)

The new streaming service also recorded some 2 million streaming hours of its original series The Madalorian and claimed 3.2 initial app downloads in the same period. By December, the latter figure reportedly rose to 22 million mobile app installs.

Now, less than two months of service, the catalog is starting to shrink, albeit ever so slightly.

Disney Plus is Already Removing Titles from its Library

Disney+ has apparently removed at least seven titles from its library. Of course, irate subscribers have already taken to social media to complain.

The reason is likely due to the fact that Disney only has limited rights to these properties. Meaning they’ll probably return some time in the future.

The following titles are known to have vanished: Home Alone 1, Home Alone 2, Flicka, POTC: On Stranger Tides, The Sandlot, Strange Magic, and The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration.

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