August 4, 2021
Disney Plus Launch Day Technical Issues Uncovered

We Now know Why Disney+ had so Many Technical Issues on its Launch Day

Disney Plus launch day experienced a variety of technical issues and now we know what happened as people tried to sign-up and stream…

Launch day for Disney+ recorded some outstanding numbers. The new streaming service gained 10 million subscribers, clocked 3.2 million mobile downloads, and saw 2 million hours of streaming just one show alone. All of this, within just its first 24 hours of going live.

Disney Plus Launch Day Technical Issues Uncovered

The new Disney+ streaming service also experienced a number of problems. People couldn’t login to the service. Others reported weird aspect ratios. Some could login but couldn’t get certain titles to stream. Now, the reasons behind those issues is known.

According to Apptopia, of the 3.2 million mobile app downloads, 88.7 percent came from the United States. Another 9.1 percent from Canada and 2.2 percent from the Netherlands. This, not to mention all those who installed the new Disney+ channel on their smart TVs.

With such demand comes a serious need for bandwidth and server space. And, a lack of these elements is what largely accounted for the technical issues. DownDetector displayed literally hundreds of user error reports at any given time.

Prior to the launch, industry analysts predicted the service would gain between 10 and 18 million subscriptions in the first year. It achieved over half that in the first 24 hours alone. Volume and demand simply outpaced supply.

Those subscription numbers will only rise when the service rolls out in Australia, New Zealand, and Puerto Rico on November 19th.

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