January 27, 2022
Disney Plus might Add an Adult R-Rated Section for its Fox and MGM Films

Rumors Suggest Disney could Add a New Adults-Only, R-Rated Section to Disney Plus for These Films

Disney is apparently mulling over the idea of introducing a new section of Disney Plus that will only include R-rated films…

Rumor has it that Disney is seriously thinking about creating an adults-only, R-rated film section within its Disney+ streaming service. Launched back in November of last year, and billed as a family-friendly destination, its successful debut substantially outperformed industry experts predictions. Since then, the House of Mouse has acquired other properties, including FOX and MGM. And those have a lot of adult content.

Disney Plus might Add an Adult-Only, R-Rated Section for its Fox and MGM Films

The ostensible addition of an adults-only, R-rated section of Disney+ would make sense. After all, both FOX and MGM produced quite a bit of this type of content. Although Disney owns Hulu, it’s not an international brand, whereas Disney+ is available worldwide. So, it would allow Disney to further monetize its massive library, which now includes a large number of R-rated movies.

Rumors state that if Disney+ did expand with an adults-only R-rated library, it would require PIN code access — preventing children from entering the section. Of course, whether or not this rumor is true and/or the ostensive plan will materialize remains to be seen.

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