July 4, 2022
Disney Plus reaches 50 million subscribers five months after launch

After Just Five Months, Disney+ has 50 Million Subscribers and Counting

Disney Plus, released in November of last year, now claims 50 million subscribers, substantially outperforming previous forecasts…

Industry experts predicted that Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+, would attract between 10 and 18 million subscriptions in its first year of operation. But, it took just 24 hours to sign-up more than half of those projected numbers. The streaming platform racked-up more than 10 million subscriptions and claimed over 3.2 million app downloads in only a single day. Now, five months later, it’s reached 50 million customers.

Disney Plus Reaches 50 Million Subscribers Five Months after Launch

Disney debuted its service in the Netherlands as an experimental run. It then premiered in the United States in November 2019 and hit more than 22 million mobile app downloads, with 9.5 million daily users in mid-December. Just the other day, the company announced it has reached more than twice past estimates:

“Continuing to delight consumers around the world, Disney+ has now achieved another new milestone, with 50 million paid subscribers globally within five months after its U.S. launch.”

Disney Plus’ European launch further bolstered its subscription numbers and last week’s Indian expansion added another 8 million customers. Clearly, offers from Verizon for free trials and from Google Chromebooks, have helped it to reach such a large figure. Still, it’s an impressive feat, nonetheless.

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