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Disney+ just Hit a New Milestone, Outpacing Rival Netflix in This Key Metric

Disney Plus Reaches 86 Million Subscribers in Just Over a Year

Credit: Business Insider

Disney Plus now claims 86 million subscribers to its streaming service, surpassing Netflix’s US customer base, and beating all expectations…

Prior to its launch, industry analysts predicted Disney+ would attract between 10 and 18 million subscriptions in its first year of operation. However, it amassed 10 million subscriptions in just 24 hours. Then, it surpassed 28.6 million less than 3 months later. By March, it reached 33.4 million. Six months after its debut, it hit 54.5 million. Now, it’s managed to exceed all expectations with a new high. 

Disney Plus Reaches 86 Million Subscribers in Just Over a Year

Disney just announced Disney+ now enjoys over 86 million subscribers. This, only about a year after its initial launch. What’s more, subsidiaries Hulu reached 38.8 million and ESPN Plus is up to 11.5 million. Combined, that puts all of Disney’s streaming platforms at more than 137 million subscribers around the globe. By comparison, Netflix has 195.15 million as of the third quarter of 2020. To put this in context, Netflix got into the streaming market in 2007. So, it’s taken Disney+ just over a year to reach nearly half or 44% of Netflix’s global customer base.

Disney executives originally believed it would take until 2024 to reach a similar number. But, it’s managed to greatly exceed its own internal estimates by a substantial sum. As a result, the company is placing greater emphasis on streaming, especially during a time of uncertainty for its theme park division.

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