October 14, 2021
Disney Plus Subscription Discount Offered for European Preorders

Disney Announces Discounted Rate for Disney Plus Subscription Preorders in Europe

Disney will discount its streaming subscription rates for new customers in Europe who sign up early for its service before March 23rd…

With the roll out of Disney+ in the United States being a huge success, amassing 10 million subscribers in just 24 hours, increasing to more than 28 million at the beginning of this month, it’s now set to launch in Europe. And, it’s being offered at a discounted rate.

Disney Plus Subscription Discount Offered for European Preorders

Disney Plus is set to go live in Europe on the 24th of March. But, anyone outside of the Netherlands — which already has access to the service — can sign up to save £10, or €10 off the regular price, provided they start their subscriptions before March 23rd.

Disney+ will cost £49.99 a year, which comes out to about £4/€5 per month in Europe. Here’s the catch — new customers must enroll prior to March 23rd and the discount only applies to an annual subscription. Still, it’s a good deal, given the titles available through the streaming platform.

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