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Disney+ just Topped 28 Million Subscribers, Severely Beating Analysts’ Predictions

Disney Plus Subscriptions Reach 28.6 Million Eleven Weeks after Launch

Credit: TechHive

Disney Plus now boasts more than 28 million streaming customers, reaching a massive audience in approximately eleven weeks…

It’s been less than three months since Disney+ rolled out to three markets: the US, Canada, and the Netherlands. And, in that very short amount of time, the new streaming service has managed to rack up an extraordinary number of subscribers, greatly outperforming expectations.

Disney Plus Subscriptions Reach 28.6 Million Eleven Weeks after Launch

Disney Plus now claims 28.6 million subscriptions, eleven weeks after it went live. To put that in context, the company initially forecast its streaming platform would reach 60 to 90 million subscribers over five years time. But, it’s already near the halfway point of crossing that estimate.

By comparison, Netflix, which currently holds the number one spot in the industry, has 167 million subscribers worldwide. Of those, 61 million are in the United States, or about 36.5 percent.

Disney+ amassed 10 million subscriptions and claimed over 3.2 million app downloads in its first 24 hours. (Forecasts predicted Disney would attract between 10 and 18 million subscriptions in its first year of operation.)

It widened to Australia and New Zealand on November 19th. By mid-December, the streaming service reached 9.5 million daily users and had recorded over 22 mobile app downloads.

Disney Plus will expand its availability on March 24th, when it opens to Western European markets and then to India on March 29th.

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