June 23, 2022
Disney Plus launch day numbers

Disney+ Reaches more than 10 Million Subscriptions on Launch Day, with Over 3.2M App Downloads, Despite Technical Issues

Disney announces over 10 million subscriptions on day one of the Disney+ launch, with more than 3.2 million mobile app installs…

For months, people have been waiting for the arrival of the new Disney+ streaming service. Its first day saw many technical issues, with paying customers unable to access the platform, experiencing playback problems, and more. But, it still managed to rack-up more than 10 million subscriptions and claim over 3.2 million app downloads in a single day.

Disney Plus Surpasses 10 Million Subscriptions on its First Day

The new Disney Plus streaming service also recorded some impressive viewing numbers, as well. For instance, The Mandalorian, the live-action Star Wars show that’s widely considered to be the crown jewel of platform, experienced more than 2 million streams in the first day alone.

The figures are quite impressive, especially when compared to previous estimates by industry analysts. Forecasts predicted Disney would attract between 10 and 18 million subscriptions in its first year of operation. It took only 24 hours to sign-up more than half of those projected numbers.

Still, it’s unfair to compare this performance to Netflix. The once dominate DVD mail subscription service (which has shipped 5 billion units thus far), now mostly streaming platform, launched over twenty years ago. So, there’s no real way to form a realistic match-up between the two.

Disney says it does not plan to release any more subscriber data until early 2020, when it conducts its next quarterly earnings call.

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