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It Looks Like Disney’s VOD Bet on Disney+ didn’t Work Out All that Well

Disney Plus to Release Live-Action Mulan on Digital Download Services

Credit: Meaww

Disney might have made a big mistake with its video-on-demand release of its live-action Mulan film, because it’s being sold elsewhere…

Originally planned for theatrical release in March, Disney’s live-action Mulan movie was delayed several times. Eventually, it debuted on Disney+, as an exclusive on Friday, September 4th. But, not every Disney+ subscriber could watch. Instead, it was offered as a VOD, with an addition price of $29.99 USD. Disney bet on this strategy, after spending $200 million on its production.

Disney Plus to Release Live-Action Mulan on Digital Download Services

Now, there are some figures as to its sales. (And, they are all over the place.) Because Disney isn’t making the number of purchases available to the public, analytics companies are attempting to put a dollar amount on the VOD’s earnings. One of the most notable comes from Yahoo!, which cited an analytic firm’s estimate of $261 million over 12 days. Turns out, that was a miscalculation. Revisions reveal that is was closer to between $60 and $90 million.

Regardless of the actual figure, Disney is pushing its live-action adaption of Mulan out to Amazon Video, Vudu, Fandango Now, and Google Play Movies and TV (now Google TV), for pre-order, which also costs $30. Disney does need to recoup as much of its production costs, having lost $4.72 billion in the past three months, due to the pandemic.

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