September 15, 2022
Disney Plus to Return Simpsons Series to 4-3 Video Format Starting in May

Disney+ will No Longer Crop Old ‘Simpsons’ Episodes, Starting in May

Disney won’t crop old episodes of the Simpsons, beginning next month, after initially airing the cartoon in widescreen format…

When Disney acquired 20th Century Fox, it gained the rights to the entire Simpsons catalog to add to its Disney+ streaming service. That was great news for fans of the groundbreaking show but, it aired the episodes in widescreen format, rather than it’s original 4:3 format. As a result, some of the most beloved visual gags were cut out of scenes. Now, the company is about to make a big change.

Disney Plus to Return Simpsons Series to 4:3 Video Format Starting in May

Disney Plus will no longer reformat to widescreen for older episodes of theĀ Simpsons. Instead, it will return the cartoon back to its right-sized format. This will apply to the first 19 seasons of the show and a least a portion of season 20, Disney announced on Twitter.

Disney isn’t the only content provider to make such a mistake. Other broadcasting companies have done the same, taking the original 4:3 video format and swapping it out to 16:9. This reduces the already poor resolution by approximately 25 percent. Plus, it makes the viewing experience worse by removing at least some of the original picture information.

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