October 28, 2020
Disney rebrands Fox studio acquisitions

Disney Drops ‘Fox’ in Rebranding of its Studio Acquisitions

The Walt Disney Company is removing ‘Fox’ from its studio acquisitions as part of a rebranding, renaming two of its new properties…

Last year, Disney purchased 20th Century Fox in a landmark deal worth $71 billion. It almost didn’t happen. Disney first sought to purchase the studio for $52.4 billion. But, competitor Comcast — which owns NBCUniversal and Universal Studios Parks — followed with a bid of $65 billion. Now, after winning the acquisition, Disney is changing the names of the properties.

Disney Rebrands Fox Acquisitions

Disney will rename 20th Century Fox, and Fox Searchlight Studios. The new assets will now be known as 20th Century Studios and Searchlight Studios, respectively, according to a recent news report by Variety.

The move isn’t necessarily a surprise. The Fox Corporation continues to exist with Fox News, Fox Sports, and the Fox TV channel, none of which were sold to Disney

The new names will soon debut, with Searchlight Studios next, upcoming film, called “Downhill.” Meanwhile, “Call of the Wild,” which debuts on February 21st, will be the first to feature the new 20th Century Studios brand.

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