January 17, 2022
Disney-Sony Deal Might bring Spider-Man to Disney Plus

Spider-Man Movies just Might Stream on Disney-Plus — in the US at Least

Disney and Sony have a new deal that could bring Spider-Man, and other movies, to Disney Plus, with some other title headed toward Hulu…

Disney and Sony have entered into an agreement concerning the rights of such characters as Spider-Man. It appears to be only applicable to the United States but covers all new theatrical releases from 2022 to 2026. It also includes older films, which covers the Spider-Man collection. (Plus, other favorites of the past, such as the Jumanji and Hotel Transylvania series.)

Disney-Sony Deal Might bring Spider-Man to Disney Plus

Although it’s not specifically mentioned, the language in the press release suggests the friendly neighborhood webslinger will appear on Disney Plus. Right now, the two Tom Holland Spider-Man movies, along with The Incredible Hulk, are the only MCU movies not available on the service. And, Disney will receive the rights to get new Sony movies after Netflix, which revealed a deal of its own last week.

Some of the most popular Spider-Man titles have already appeared at least one Disney-owned network property, which is Hulu. But, new deal includes others, like ABC, Disney Channels, Freeform, FX, and National Geographic. Although Disney owns Marvel, and therefore the Spider-Man character, Sony currently holds continuing rights to make movies on said character. Meanwhile, Universal owns the distribution rights to The Incredible Hulk.

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