July 3, 2022
Dominos pizza deliver GPS tracking

Popular Pizza Chain will Let Customers Track Deliveries via GPS by the End of the Year

Domino’s pizza chain, already well-known for embracing technology, will give its customers the ability to track deliveries via GPS by the end of 2019…

By the time the end of this year rolls around, Domino’s customers will have the power to track their deliveries through GPS. 

Domino’s Pizza Delivery GPS Tracking Scheduled to Debut by the End of 2019

The company already has a reputation for adopting technology into its operations. For instance, the company has previously delivered pies by robots and self-driving cars. The chain has likewise taken customer orders through their cars, along with Alexa devices. (It’s even run an experiment with cashless stores and more.)

However, none of these had widespread appeal and use. But, GPS pizza delivery tracking is entirely different.

With such capabilities, CEO Ritch Allison tells CNBC he is very excited about the data franchisees will gain from customers using GPS tracking. Franchisees can learn much about the delivery process in the real world, allowing them to better streamline and improve their efficiencies.

If this works out for Domino’s, it’s highly likely other restaurants will embrace the practice.