May 23, 2022
DoNotPay Chatbot Bill Extension Mobile App Tries to Help People Affected by Coronavirus Shutdown

This Smart App can Help People Affected by the Coronavirus Shutdown get Extensions on their Bills

A new mobile chatbot app, billed as the “World’s First Robot Lawyer,” will ostensibly help people impacted by COVID-19 get extensions on their bills…

With the imposition of many forms of stay-at-home orders and other health precautions to curb the spread of the coronavirus, more people around the world are financially suffering. Now, there’s a new service that could be of some much-needed help.

DoNotPay Chatbot Bill Extension Mobile App Tries to Help People Affected by the Coronavirus Shutdown

DoNotPay is a legal aid chatbot that requests relief via waivers and payment extensions from companies like credit cards, utilities, and even landlords. It starts with a “compassionate and polite request.” If said request falls on deaf ears, it dispatches another, which cites relevant local and state laws.

Founder Joshua Browder first used DoNotPay to give drivers a means of appealing parking tickets. Then, it later expanded to a technique deal with court settlements and lawsuits. Now, it’s out to help workers hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic lock downs.

At this time, it’s only available in the United States. But, Browder says that the company is planning to bring it to the UK, as well. Here’s an example of the first letter the service sends out on behalf of users:

“The COVID-19 pandemic continues to be the main hurdle to my financial restoration efforts. It has significantly reduced my income over the past several weeks, as the conditions of my current employment status demand my physical presence.”

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