September 16, 2022
DoorDash On-Demand Grocery Delivery Debuts

DoorDash Now Offers On-Demand Grocery Delivery (but Only in Certain Markets)

DoorDash on-demand grocery delivery is here, taking on the likes of Instacart, Shipt, and various other competitors…

Since the coronavirus pandemic’s outbreak, DoorDash has steadily expanded its on-demand delivery prowess. Now, the company is adding yet another to its popular mobile app: on-demand grocery delivery. That will make over 10,000 items available to approximately 75 million customers in select markets. Plus, they’ll get their groceries in under an hour.

DoorDash On-Demand Grocery Delivery Debuts

The new DoorDash on-demand grocery delivery service will be available in much of California, along with major Midwestern cities. Folks in the delivery areas can order from a number of food retailers, including: Smart & Final, Meijer and Fresh, Thyme, Hy-Vee, Gristedes / D’agostino, Wegmans, Lucky, Food City, and more. (Not all are partners currently, but will be in the coming weeks.)

The grocery delivery business has boomed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, as people attempt to avoid public spaces. For instance, Instacart hired over 550,000 shoppers and started testing same-day delivery with Walmart. Meanwhile, Uber spent $2.65 billion in stock for its Postmates subsidiary.

For anyone that’s in the delivery zones, to use the new DoorDash on-demand grocery delivery service, just look for a banner at the top of the mobile app.

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