July 3, 2022
double-posting Slack messages

Here’s Why Slack Messages were Double-Posting Last Week

Double-posting Slack messages started becoming an issue for users last week and here’s a very brief explanation of what happened…

Near the end of the work week on Friday, Slack users experienced a glitch which resulted in messages double-posting. Not only would messages double-up, some users could get their communications to send to would-be recipients.

Double-Posting Slack Messages Issue Explained

The Slack double-posting message quirk wasn’t confined to just one market, either. Users reported the issues in Europe, North America, and India, as well. It also affected Slack’s desktop and browser interfaces.

Additionally, some users took to Twitter to report issues with uploading files, as well as problems with reacting to messages with emoji.

A Representative from Slack wrote to The Next Web, explaining:

“We are currently experiencing degraded functionality issues and we apologize for the inconvenience. For the latest updates please keep an eye on @slackstatusand https://status.slack.com/

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