December 2, 2020
download linked WhatsApp GIFs

Users can Curiously Download Linked GIFs in WhatsApp before Sending Them

Download linked WhatsApp GIFs before sending them out to family, friends, or others, in a strange new option for the platform…

Messaging apps continue to improve with new features. But, WhatsApp falls short in more than one way. For instance, the company recently made it possible to watch entire videos with a picture-in-picture format. However, when sending a link to an image file, be it JPG, PNG, GIF, or another, there’s no way to preview it.

Users can Now Download Linked WhatsApp GIFs before Sending Them

It now appears that minor inconvenience just might change in the not-too distant future. In both the latest WhatsApp stable (2.18.306 – APK Mirror) and beta (2.18.312 – APK Mirror), when a link is sent to a GIF, there’s an option to download the animation before sending it on its way.

The GIF actually opens in a separate window. Or, it’s also possible to tap to remove said link and insert a custom caption. (Users can likewise opt to add emoji, stickers, or text.)

Curiously, it does not seem to work with any other media formats. Android Police tested JPG, PNG, WEBP, WEBM, and MP4, but not one supported the tool. Perhaps this will change with subsequent updates. But, for now, it works with GIFs just fine.

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