September 14, 2021
violent Google Play Store kids games

It’s Not just YouTube, the Google Play Store also has a Problem with Violent Content Marketed to Kids

Violent Google Play Store kids games are finding their way onto the platform and the problem could be due to the site’s rating system…

YouTube isn’t the only site which poses problems for kids. Tech site Wired has discovered literally dozens of Android apps on the Google Play Store rated safe for children but contain very gruesome elements.

Dozens of Violent Kids Games Found on the Google Play Store

For instance, the tech site found Mad Max Zombies, which held a rating of PEG13. It revolves around gunning down the undead with copious amounts of blood. Meanwhile,  Baby Panda Dental Care included pulling teeth in a graphic fashion. 

Additionally, the site hosted pay-to-play slot machine and apps which utilized questionable location tracking and device permissions.

After its discovery, Wired alerted Google to 52 titles, 16 of which have already been removed from the platform or re-released with more appropriate ratings.

The presence of these titles partly comes down to how Google vets programs. Although it uses the same questionnaire as the eShop for Nintendo and the Microsoft Store Xbox, it doesn’t screen applications in the same way. Plus, developers can tell white lies or fudge key points of information in order to gain approval.

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