Dropbox Discreetly Drops a Password Manager in Private Beta

Dropbox private beta password manager quietly released

Credit: Dropbox

Dropbox has launched a new password manager in a private beta version for Android and it’s fairly basic but does boast advanced security…

Web-based file hosting service Dropbox has quietly introduced a new password manager. It’s currently in a private beta state for Android. So, it is only available through invitation. The app’s Google Play Store listing is live. But, it is labeled as being “in development,” which means it’s probably unstable.  

Dropbox Private Beta Password Manager Quietly Released

The new Dropbox password manager isn’t a complicated or robust software program. Rather, it’s very basic. It does precisely what it is supposed to do. And, it can also generate unique passwords. Plus, store credentials in one place, and sync them across different devices. Moreover, it is able to automatically fill in login fields.

However, there’s no details of other common features. For instance, importing passwords from web browsers or support for 2FA or two-factor authentication. Although, it does advertise “zero-knowledge encryption.” This means the user alone has access to the data he or she stores in the application. (This tech is also used by Dashlane, LastPass, and 1Password.)

Since the password manager market is a crowded one, Dropbox likely believes it can leverage its 14.6 million customers to carve out its own share.

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