December 9, 2021
DuckDuckGo fingerprint tracking

DuckDuckGo Denies a Claim it Uses Fingerprint Tracking through its Browser

DuckDuckGo fingerprint tracking is not a practice, according to the privacy-centered search engine, after such a claim surfaces…

DuckDuckGo just reached a new milestone, handling over 9 billion queries in 2018. Comparatively, it claimed 4 billion just two years earlier in 2016. And, the digital entity says it is “on pace to shatter that record in 2019.” 

Thus far, DuckDuckGo has racked-up 25 billion searches to-date. Its previous record for daily queries occurred on January 2nd, with 34,406,841 searches. 

DuckDuckGo Fingerprint Tracking Practices Denied by the Search Engine

But, with more users comes increased scrutiny. A new forum post alleges DuckDuckGo uses fingerprint tracking to uncover more information about its users.

No, this isn’t actually accessing data through a physical fingerprint. It’s a term which describes collecting user information via his or her browser, along with installed plugins and extensions. The practice also derives user information about his or her device, its make, model, and screen resolution.

In other words, creating a “fingerprint” based on all this data that’s unique to every user. So, the search engine can then track its users from website to website in order to serve up more targeted ads.

DuckDuckGo’s head of search, Brian Stoner, denies this claim, writing on Reddit:

“We are absolutely NOT doing any fingerprinting whatsoever. Please see our privacy policy, it’s pretty clear on this: ‘We don’t collect or share personal information.'”

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