November 2, 2022
DuckDuckGo searches

DuckDuckGo Racked-Up over 9 Billion Search Queries in 2018 as it Continues to Grow

DuckDuckGo searches hit more than 9 billion queries in 2018 and the information portal states it’s on its way to breaking that figure in 2019…

Privacy-centric search engine DuckDuckGo might not boast the popularity of rival Google. But, it’s making bigger and bigger strides. The company posted on Twitter it surpassed 9 billion searches last year. Comparatively, it claimed 4 billion just two years earlier in 2016. And, the digital entity says it is “on pace to shatter that record in 2019.”

DuckDuckGo Searches Exceeded 9 Billion in 2018 and Continues to Grow

Thus far, DuckDuckGo has racked-up 25 billion searches to-date. Its previous record for daily queries occurred on January 2nd, with 34,406,841 searches. (It’s daily workload hovers around 30 million.) For the year 2018, the number was 9,239,676,317, which is substantially over 2017’s figure of 5,915,745,384. 

Although impressive for such a niche search engine, it’s a fraction of Google, which continues to dominate the market. Big G processes more than 40,000 queries per second, adding up to over 3.5 billion every day. Annually, Google handles approximately 1.2 trillion. (By comparison, DuckDuckGo runs just 0.0075 percent.)

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