August 4, 2022
Duolingo Stories debut on iOS

Duolingo brings Short Stories to its Popular iPhone Mobile App

Duolingo Stories are now available on Apple’s mobile iOS devices, bringing a new format to the learning experience, with Android to follow soon…

Language-learning service Duolingo offers more than 100 fully voiced bite-sized stories designed to test reading and listening comprehension. It’s a handy tool but was only accessible via desktop. Now, the company has brought it to the language teaching iPhone app.

Duolingo Stories Debut on the iPhone Mobile App

The new Duolingo Stories for iOS contain two different formats. One shows people multi-part series, while another are standalone tales.

The stories aren’t for everyone learning every available language, though. Instead, it’s now limited to native English speakers learning Spanish, French, German. and Portuguese. It’s also available to native Spanish, Portuguese, and Chinese speakers who are learning English.

There are fictional tales and real-life biographies, with the former including originals and stories taken from public domain classics likeĀ Puss in Boots.

The goal is to have people translate or complete sentences in the languages they are learning. With every correct answer, learners earn extra credit.

Duolingo Stories debut on Apple iOS
Credit: Duolingo

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