July 21, 2021
Early iOS 14 Version Floating on the Web for Months

There’s an Early Version of iOS 14 Out on the Net and it’s Been There for Months

A version of iOS 14 is out on the internet and it’s been making its way around the web for months now, even though its debut is scheduled for September…

Not everyone has to wait for the official release of iOS 14. That’s because an early version has been available since at least February, with security researchers, hackers, and bloggers having access. Even though there have already been numerous iOS 14 leaks over the past few months.

Early iOS 14 Version has been Floating on the Web for Months

The presence of iOS 14 on the internet is curious, given the fact that Apple only releases small tidbits at a time. The company does this to gauge consumer sentiment and get feedback, but it’s very unusual for a whole pre-release build to make its way out into the wild, several months before it’s officially scheduled for debut.

The leaked version includes a new fitness app, a PencilKit API for the company‚Äôs stylus, iMessage updates, a new homescreen view, third-party app testing via QR code scanning, as well as an overhaul to the iCloud Keychain. But, just because these are present now doesn’t mean they’ll be part of the official release come September when Apple will likely unveil its polished version to the world.

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