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eBay can Help Shoppers Find Similar Items by Using AI with a “Looks Like This” Option

eBay AI technology finds similar items

An eBay AI shopping tool, already working on Android and iOS mobile apps right now, gives shoppers a hand in finding similar items…

Unless there’s a specific product already in-mind, most start searching with a general idea. Poking around is quite normal when shopping online with a general idea.

So, just how does a person describe a general idea to a website? The answer, according to eBay, is AI or artificial intelligence.

eBay AI Technology Helps Consumers Find Similar Items on the Site

The well-known e-commerce platform, based in San Jose, California, is implementing a new tool which helps people find things:

“Our latest feature lets you use words and pictures in a new way to shop, discover and explore on eBay. If you see something that piques your interest while shopping through eBay’s catalog, just tap on the three dots on the top right corner of the listing and start exploring similar items.”

Simply tap on the three-dot menu beside a product and category buttons will appear, as will a “looks like this” option. Then, it’s easy to visually scroll through to find the right product.

The new eBay AI shopping guide is already live in the US, UK, and Australia though the Android and iOS apps. Such a tool will most definitely appeal to other sites. So, Pinterest, Instagram, Amazon, and others will likely follow in the not-too-distant future.

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