June 23, 2021
eBay Android app dark mode

The eBay App for Android Now Rocks a Dark Theme, but it’s Not Live Everywhere Yet

eBay is pushing out a new dark theme for its Android mobile application, a long-requested feature, but it’s not accessible in every country at this time…

Dark theming might be a fad or a permanent design inclusion. Regardless of its longevity, it’s presently ubiquitous. Of course, there are real benefits. For instance, dark mode most definitely lessens the strain on the eyes. And, it helps to limit battery drain. Plus, it’s aesthetically pleasing (to a majority of people, anyway). Now, the eBay app is receiving the design implementation.

eBay Android App Dark Mode Rolls Out

Just recently, the online marketplace announced its adaptation of a dark theme, for its Android app (iOS also has the option in the Settings page. Meanwhile, for Android 10, it is available through the system theme settings.) So, users with access can enjoy browsing, shopping, and selling through the night.

However, it’s not widely available just yet. Right now, the dark theme for eBay is rolling out in the US, UK, Germany, and Australia. Other countries will follow in the future. eBay wrote on its tech site that its new dark option is the result of users’ requests:

“Dark Mode is our customers’ most requested app feature so far in 2020. Today’s digital users know only too well that bright screens can cause eye strain. When eye strain is prolonged throughout the entire day and into the night, our sleep patterns, focus and overall health can be negatively impacted.”

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