January 25, 2022
Edison Mail iOS Bug Showed Messages to Non-Recipients

Edison Mail Plagued by a Bug on iOS that Showed Messages to Non-Recipients

A strange flaw in the Edison Mail app for iOS actually allowed non-recipients to see messages they weren’t part of in the first place…

Even the most widely-used and legacy technology can experience weird situations. Normally though, these are mostly explainable; although there are instances where the issues are simply too bizarre. That seems to be the case with the Edison email app for iOS, which allowed people not part of conversations to see the message exchanges between total strangers. 

Edison Mail iOS Bug Showed Messages to Non-Recipients

This constitutes a major privacy (and potential security problem) the developer has attributed to a “small percent” of its overall user base. Edison insists this wasn’t the result of a data breach and reverted the update which ostensibly caused the issue to manifest. Furthermore, the company states it’s reaching out to affected users to let them know what’s going on at this time.

Right now, it’s unknown what caused the problem to begin with, but it does appear to be connected with cross-device syncing. Regardless, it’s a stark reminder of just how important privacy and security are, even in routine communications.

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