January 12, 2022
Edison Mail now supports templates and rich text editing

Edison Mail Now includes Templates and Rich Text Editing in Its Latest Mobile App Update

Edison Mail now gives its users the ability to create, save, and edit templates, along with supporting rich text formatting…

There’s no shortage of email clients available on the digital market. And, too many just don’t have enough features to stand out among the crowded field. (This is why — Gmail and RIP, Inbox by Gmail — are/were so very popular.) Edison Mail is also quite popular and now, it sports two new abilities that make it even more useful than before.

Edison Mail Now Supports Templates and Rich Text Editing

Edison Mail now includes support for templates and it just got the ability for rich text editing. These two functions alone help to make Edison Email a bit more attractive than it already is to consumers and businesses alike.

Edison Mail templates work just like one would think. User simply open the mobile app, create a new email draft, and tap on the new paper stack icon that’s situated on keyboard. Thereafter, tapping the plus icon opens the templates section.

The other new feature is rich text editing. Or, to put it in laymen’s, plain and simple language, being able to change font colors, font types, as well as other formatting options.

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