May 27, 2022
Electronics Manufacturer TCL will Offer a Google TV this Year

TCL Announces Plans for Manufacturing a Google TV to Sell this Year

TCL has revealed it will put out (probably) the first OEM Google TV sometime this year, following its prolific run with streaming rival Roku…

Rising television manufacturer TCL, a Chinese-based company, has announced that it will offer its first Google TV at some point this year. This, after enjoying a strong stride in the hardware streaming market share industry with Roku. Though the electronics maker did reveal it would put out a Google TV sometime in 2021, the company didn’t offer many details about the television itself.

Electronics Manufacturer TCL will Offer a Google TV this Year

TCL did say that the coming unit(s) will combine some of TCL’s existing display tech, such as 8K, Mini-LED, and QLED. However, this doesn’t tell the public too much. Although, it is possible to extrapolate from the manufacturer’s past products. Meaning the coming television(s) will be priced and marketed to the mid-range spot. After all, that’s what TCL is most known for currently.

For those unfamiliar, Google TV is the rebranding/replacement of Google Play Movies and TV and Android TV. The makeover of the platforms makes it more like Roku or Amazon Prime, giving consumers a more centralized place to find their streaming subscriptions, content rentals and purchases, favorites, and watch lists.

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