February 25, 2021
expanded Google featured snippets

Google Search Introduces Expanded Featured Snippets for Certain Queries

Newly expanded Google featured snippets give searchers quicker access to the most pertinent information for some types of queries…

Google just announced a new form of featured snippets for its SERP or search engine results page in a blog post. It’s expanded featured snippets (those boxes which show up at the top or near the top of organic listings). This won’t work for all searches. Rather, it’s triggered with certain types of queries. 

Expanded Google Featured Snippets Debut for Certain Search Queries

The newly expanded Google featured snippets surface for such queries as “quartz vs. granite,” and other comparisons. Here’s how the search engine describes the service: 

“Imagine you’re remodeling your kitchen, and you want information about how quartz compares to granite for your new countertops. Sure, Google can tell you what quartz and granite are, but that’s perhaps not what you had in mind. Chances are you’re hoping to learn more about the differences in cost, benefits, and durability of each, and may be looking for guidance on other subtopics to explore.

For these types of queries, we’re introducing a new way to get you to relevant information fast and help you get a glimpse of multiple aspects of a topic with a single search.”

 Google follows its explanation with a screenshot of the expanded featured snippets, in-action:

expanded Google featured snippets quartz vs granite example
Credit: Google

As pictured above, the newly expanded Google featured snippets include a comparison summary, cost, benefits, weight, and more. (Searches must click or tap to load all the information.)

Google states these new panels are generated automatically based on its understanding of topics, collected from information around the web. The panels are rolling out over the next few days. Read the full blog post here.

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