August 8, 2022
Extra-Long Instagram Photo Glitch Affecting iOS App

Weird Instagram Glitch Allows User to Post Extra-Long Pics, but Only on iOS

A quirky glitch on Instagram for iOS is allowing people to post extra-long images to their feeds, but it’s not affecting Android users…

There’s an oddity that is impacting the way images are displayed on the Instagram app for iOS. For some reason, it’s allowing people to post extra-long pictures to their feeds, and not cropping them, as it normally does automatically. For iOS users, it’s possible to stretch a photo offsite and then upload it to the social network.

Extra-Long Instagram Photo Glitch Affecting iOS App

The extra-long Instagram photo glitch affecting the iOS app works by either creating or saving a super-lengthy image and then using Instagram’s own photo picker to select it for upload. It doesn’t seem to be impacting Android, although the extra-long images posted through iOS are still visible. However, it seeming isn’t possible to duplicate the same upload quirk on Android. 

But, this doesn’t mean it’s affecting all images and media posted to Instagram on iOS. Photos that are way too long either can’t be uploaded or if posted successfully, turn out all black. Or, it causes really long images to cut off or appear very pixelated.

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